A small, open and free development kit for the Sega Megadrive

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Finally SGDK 1.2 has been released !

I had some hard time with the new Sprite Engine that i rewrote several times but it's finally done :)
It's still not yet completed as i plan to optimize performance which are already better than the old Sprite Engine but not fast enough yet and i also plan to add sorting feature (for Y sorting for instance)...
You might find some bugs in this new Sprite Engine as the code becomes complex and i could not test it intensively, please report them in the GitHub issues tracker :)
If you experience 'undefined reference to _hard_reset' error then just delete your local project copy of 'boot/sega.s' file so it will automatically replaced by the new SGDK one.

SGDK is split in several parts:

  • The library itself provided with full code sources, some samples and a Doxygen documentation (in the doc folder).
  • GCC compiler binaries (for Windows system only as you can easily install them on Unix based system).
  • Library tools (resources compiler mainly). Binaries are provided only for Windows system only but sources are included so you can compile them easily, note that some tools requires Java to be installed.

You can access the complete SGDK archive and changelog in the Download Section.
Unix/Linux users should give a try to the Gendev project from Kubilis which allow to quickly setup SGDK on a Unix environment.
And now MACOS users also have access to SGDK with Gendev MacOS, thanks to Sonic3D for making it :)

After you downloaded the SGDK archive, check the Wiki Section to get installation instructions and basics tutorials.

You are more than welcome to share your experience and get further assistance on SpritesMind forum or Sega4Ever (french only) !

Wish you a happy coding :)